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Need To Speak With Someone?

If you have questions or comments concerning site-related activities: 

FOR NTN, contact:
E-Mail NTN
The Site Liaison, Matt Layden, OR phone him at 1-800-952-7353
FOR AIRMoN, contact:
The Site Liaisons, Tracy Dombek or Chris Lehmann, OR phone at (217) 265-6812
On-Line Resources:
NTN Sample Collection and Field Lab Procedures Summary (revised 1/12/2005)
NOTE: the field lab instructions (orange side) have been revised to reflect the new 4-in-1 shipping protocol which replaced the black box mailers. All sites are now converted to this shipping protocol.
  NADP/NTN FORF Barcode Memo
  NADP/NTN Dry Sample Envelopes Memo
Current National Trends Network Site Operation Manual with updated revisions

National Trends Network Site Operation Manual (1999 version)

Current Field Observer Report Form (FORF) revised 03/10

Current CAL Guide to Belfort B5-780 Cleaning

The free Acrobat Reader is required to read the Manual and Procedures Summary.
MSDS Information for Field Chemistry Solutions:
Buffer Solution, pH 4.00 (red)        .htm file .txt file
Buffer Solution, pH 7.00 (yellow)  .htm file .txt file
Electrode Solution (potassium chloride) .pdf file
4.9 Quality Control Check Sample (NTN) .pdf file .rtf file *
4.3 Quality Control Check Sample (AIRMoN) .pdf file .rtf file *
Dashpot Fluid (Mobilube SHC 75W-90) .pdf file  
Specific Conductance Standard .pdf file .rtf file *
* After accessing these pages, use your keyboard's "Ctrl" key then "P" key to print these .rtf files with your printer. 


Reminders and tips from the monthly Preliminary Data Reports are compiled here for reference.  The linked pages and reports in them are listed below. 

Go to 2011 Monthly Reminders
1/11 2011 Online Calendar, New Bucket Lid, Spring 2011 NADP Meeting, & Shipping & Receiving Request
2/11 Dry Sample Envelopes Reminders & Egage Data
3/11 Summer Training Course, Site Operations Survey, & Sample Off and On Times
4/11 Clean Supply Shipments, New Flexible Lids, & Vegetation Trimming
5/11 Raingage Summerization, Lid Seal Change, Vegetation Trimming, & Site Operator Survey
6/11 Collector Sensor Cleaning, NADP Fall Meeting, & Raingage Summerization Reminder
7/11 Clean Supplies Shipments, Flexible Lids, and Invalid Sample Reports
8/11 350,000th Sample, Reports, Dry-Side and Wet Side Bucket Maintenance, and Site Birthdays
9/11 Backup Operator, Lid Seal Change, Belfort Charts and Parts, and E-Report Option
10/11 Winterizing, Antifreeze Recommendations, and Electronic Raingage Reminders
11/11 2010 NADP Annual Summary Report, 2010 Annual and Seasonal Data Summary, NTN Valid Samples and NADP Completeness Criteria, Availability of NTN and AIRMoN Archive Samples
12/11 2012 NADP Calendar, Barcodes, Invalid Samples Report, Winterization Memo, and Site Birthdays
Go to 2010 Monthly Reminders
1/10 Spring 2010 Operations Training Course, UPS, & USPS Information
2/10 Spring Operations Training Course, Questionnaire, Winterization, & Egage notes
3/10 Electronic Reports, Dry Sample Envelopes, & Backup Raingage Data
4/10 Raingage Summerization & Status, Wind Turbine at NTN site, & Annual Vegetation Trimming
5/10 Sensor Cleaning, Lid Seal Change, Belfort Charts & Summerization
6/10 Site Reports, Extra supplies, & Backup Raingage Data
7/10 Contact Info, Insect Trouble?, & Electronic Reports
8/10 Summer Cleaning & NADP Fall Meeting Registration
9/10 Winterization and 2011 NADP Calendar
10/10 2009 Annual and Seasonal Data Summary
11/10 Invalid Samples Report, Extra Lids, Winterization Reminder, Bushing Replacement, & CAL Holidays
12/10 Barcode Label Supply, AntiFreeze Reminder, Egage Siphons, and Sensor Checks
Go to 2009 Monthly Reminders
1/09 NADP/NTN Dry Sample Envelopes & Sample On/Off Dates and Times
2/09 Electronic Reports, Dry Sample Envelopes, & Updated Internet Addresses
3/09 Dry Sample Envelopes & Record Retention
4/09 Raingage Summerization & Status, Annual Vegetation Trimming
5/09 Precipitation Amount and Collection Efficiency & Lid Seal Change
6/09 Time & Date off/on, Sensor Cleaning, Lid Seal Change, & Summerization
6/09 2nd June Mailing, Backup Raingage Data, Contact Info, & Missing Supplies & Parts
7/09  Electronic Raingage & Dry Sample Envelope Reminders
8/09 2008 Annual and Seasonal Data Summary
9/09 Preparing for Winter & Winterization Reminder
10/09 Bottle Lids, Belfort Charts & Decanting Information
11/09 Ambient Sensor Heater Checks, FAQs & 1-L Bottles
12/09 Holiday Schedule, E-gage Site Reminder, Bar Code Mailing, & Clean Supplies Inventory
Go to 2008 Monthly Reminders
1/08 Bar Codes, Electronic CAL Reports, & Electronic Raingages
2/08 2008 Field Operations Training Course
3/08 "6-Pack" Shipping Protocol, Bar Codes, and Returning Used Supplies
4/08 Annual Vegetation Trimming and Calendar Reminder
5/08 Raingage Summerization, Lid Seal Change, and Spring Cleaning
6/08 Belfort Maintenance, Vegetation Trimming, and Missing Precipitation Types
7/08 NADP/NTN 30th Birthday, Lid Seal Change, and 6-Pack Protocol
8/08 Supplies & Parts Return, New Sample Shipping Boxes, & Electronic Raingages
9/08 Winterizing, Raingage Maintenance, and Electronic Raingage Information
10/08 2009 Calendar & Corrections to September Report
11/08 Winterization Follow-Up & Ambient Sensor Heater Checks
12/08 Happy New Year from the CAL Staff
Go to 2007 Monthly Reminders
1/07 CAL 2007 Training course, Barcode label use, and updated FORFs
2/07 Valid Samples and back-up operators
3/07 Spring Cleaning Reminder & 2008 CALendar Reminder
4/07 Raingage Summerization-Warm Season Operation & New CAL Staff
5/07 Annual Vegetation Trimming & Other Reminders
6/07 Inventory of Site Supplies & Other Reminders
7/07 Site Supply Inventory Questionnaire & Lid Seals
8/07 2006 Annual Summary and Maps, New Buckets, & Pen Position
9/07 Winterizing and Missing Precipitation Types
10/07 2008 Calendar and Winterization Checks
11/07 Holiday Plans, Winterization, New Lid Bag, & 300,000th Sample
12/07 New Years Greeting and New Dishwashers
Go to 2006 Monthly Reminders
1/06 CAL 2006 Training course, Barcode label use, & new sites welcome
2/06 Preliminary Report Changes, CAL MDL's, and CAL 2006 Training Course
3/06 CAL 2006 Training course, Barcode label use, & 2007 CALendar
4/06 2007 CALendar, Precipitation Type, New Data Report Format, & "Summerizing"
5/06 2007 CALendar
6/06 Dry-Site Bucket Procedures
7/06 Site Supply Shipping notification and New CAL address
8/06 Shipping samples and used supplies, Dry bucket procedure, and Belfort Operation and Maintenance
9/06 Winterizing and June 2006 Lid Seal Change
10/06 Lid Seals and Reminders
11/06 Block 4 Site Operations
12/06 New bar code labels and FORFs
Go to 2005 Monthly Reminders
1/05 CAL 2005 training course & new sites welcome
2/05 Sample 'Lab type' Codes, Site Operation Reminders
3/05 Preliminary Printout Error, Site Operation Reminders
4/05 Collection Efficiency vs. Sample Validity
5/05 Annual Vegetation Trimming, FORFs, & 2006 Calendar
6/05 See 7/05 Reminder
7/05 Belfort Maintenance, Raingage News, & Total Nitrogen
8/05 NTN Site Liaison, DC Power Supply, & Parts Return
9/05 Scott's Farewell to NTN
10/05 Winterizing Checks
11/05 2006 CALendar, Winterizing follow-up, & Heating Sensor Check
Go to 2004 Monthly Reminders
1/04 CAL 2004 training course & new sites welcome
2/04 External Quality Assurance audits
3/04 Changes approved at Fall Technical Committee Meeting
4/04 NADP Collector Sensor Heater Check Procedure
5/04 What does my SITE ID mean?
6/04 Sensor cleaning, raingage charts, & foam lid seal
7/04 Field Form Issues and MSDS sheets
8/04 Fall Maintenance & Educational Outreach
9/04 Winterizing and Ambient Sensor Heater Checks
10/04 Pre-winter Raingage Inspection and Cleaning and Field Chemistry Protocol Change
11/04 Site Operations Changes & Second Mailing
Go to 2003 Monthly Reminders
1/03 2003 Cal Training Course, seasonal collector problems, & new sites welcome
2/03 Snow rollers and collection efficiency and sample validity
3/03 External Quality Assurance Audits
4/03 Collector Function Check and Battery Maintenance
5/03 Vegetative Maintenance & 2004 CALendar
6/03 Replacement Parts Issues & CALendar Centerfold
7/03 Bucket & Lid Weight & 25 yr Operators
8/03 Summer Raingage Inspection & Cleaning & Monthly Reports
9/03 25th Anniversary & Field Equipment Failures
10/03 Bucket/Lid Update & Clock-related Information
11/03 Field Chemistry Reminder & Field pH Measurement Tip
12/03 Holiday Schedules
Go to 2002 Monthly Reminders
1/02 Mailer Inventory Information questionnaire, Sample Collection and Field Lab Procedures Summary, and Field Operations Training Course
2/01 Faxes from the CAL
3/02 Changes to Raingage Clocks and A New Voice on the Phone
4/02 Raingage Summarizing", Note from the Program Office, and Field Operations Training at CAL
5/02 Site Vegetation Maintenance
6/02 Field pH Measurements
7/02 Contact Information Updates
8/02 One More Time for Contact Information Updates
9/02 Winterizing and Ambient Sensor Heater Checks
10/02 2003 Calendar and New Data Report
11/02 Sample Duration Rule
12/02 Record Retention - Field Form and Raingage Charts
Go to 2001 Monthly Reminders
1/01 Field Operations Training Course and CAL Web site
2/01 New Lids in Use
3/01 2002 CALendar, CAL Website, and New Sites in 2000
4/01 Equipment Check and Adjustments to Raingage
5/01 Foam Lid Seal Change
6/01 Annual Vegetation Trimming
7/01 New Site Sketches, GPS Program, & Website Contest
8/01 Foam Lid Seal and Samples Contaminated with Potassium Chloride
9/01 2002 Calendar and Winterization
10/01 Winterization Follow-up and Bucket Sample Weight
11/01 Holiday Sample Change Recommendations
12/01 Battery Backup Frequently Asked Questions


 Go to 2000 Monthly Reminders
1/00 Operation Manual Update and New Procedure Alert
2/00 Bar Coding
3/00 Printout Data Error, Training Course, & Color-coded Buckets, Lids, and  Bottles
4/00 Event Recorder Tracing, Precipitation Amount, and Collection Efficiency
5/00 Field Form Precipitation Record Block 7
6/00 Lid Seal Change & Congratulations for 200,000 Samples
7/00 New Collector Decal
8/00 Raingage Chart Installation
9/00 Winterizing & New Raingage Study
10/00 Pre-winter Raingage Inspection & Cleaning
11/00 Winterizing, Alternate Raingage Use, & Map Summary
12/00 Weekly Antifreeze Maintenance


Go to 1999 Monthly Reminders
1/99 Winterizing & Raingage Clock Function
2/99 Dry-Side Buckets Maintenance
3/99 Sample Decanting & New Sites
4/99 Sensor Cleaning & Foam Lid Seal Change
5/99 Lightning Damage & Site Record Keeping
6/99 New NEP Sites & Black Box Mailers
7/99 Lid Seal, Event Recorder, & 2000 Calendar
8/99 Operation Manual Update & Lid Seal Check
9/99 Operation Manual & Belfort Raingage
10/99 Collector & Raingage Parts Inventory
11/99 Winterizing & Event Recorders & Aerochem Function Check
12/99 Test for Event Recorder & Raingage Pen Conflict

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CAL Questions? Contact Chris Lehmann, Director
Central Analytical Laboratory - (217) 244-0868
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