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AMNet Data Retrieval Options

NADP prides itself on the presentation and free distribution of all of its data. However, for this network, there are other principals involved that only allow for the distribution of hourly and three hourly summaries of raw data collected at many of the individual sites. Specifically, much of this data is being collected by volunteer researchers, who are providing this data without any supporting financial arrangement. In these cases, NAPD has agreed to allow these researchers to remain in control of the raw observations, and NADP has also agreed to not distribute these data, except in a prior agreed upon summary form (hourly and three hourly). ). Further, this data has been password protected until the NADP committees have had adequate time to review the data distribution policy and new network. It is expected that the data will be, at some point in the future, made available to all in summary form.

Under these conditions, this network can provide an abundance of data for a minimal cost, and protect the scientific needs of its cooperators. Although many will not agree with this decision, this agreement has been made and NADP will abide by it. If you have further questions, please contact the NADP Coordinator (David Gay, 217.244.0462).

Data Access (Password Protected)