NADP Committee Mailing Lists

To foster communication inbetween meetings, the NADP maintains an email list for each of its committees.

Subscription to each of the Subcommittee and Scientific Committee lists is open to who are all interested. Subscriptions to the lists for the Executive Committee and the Budget Advisory Committees are closed and are managed by the Program Office.

Mail to the lists is moderated to prevent the distribution of spam, viruses, phishing attempt, advertisements, and off-topic posts.

When using the lists, please remember that replies to lists' messages are sent only to the original sender. If you wish to reply only to the entire list, you will need to edit the email address appropriately.

Open-subscription NADP lists

CommitteeAddress to send messages to:
Ecological Response and Outreach (EROS)
Network Operations (NOS)
Critical Loads from Atmospheric Deposition (CLAD)
Total Deposition Scientific Committee (TDEP)
Aeroallergen Monitoring Science Committee (AMSC)

Closed-subscription NADP lists

CommitteeAddress to send messages to:

Messages sent to the nadp-announce lists are distributed to members of all committees. It is a low-volume list used primarily for meeting announcements. Due to its wide distribution, messages sent to nadp-announce are limited to messages of broad appeal. If the NADP Program Office determines that a submittted message is not appropriate, the message may be rejected, or the sender may be asked to resubmit it to a different list.

The NADP also maintains lists for the operating personel (operators and supervisors) of each of its networks. It also has one mailing list ( that encompasses all committee and operational lists. Only NADP Program Office staff are permitted to submit messages to these lists.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

To subscribe to any of NADP's open-subscription mailing lists, send an email message to: with the subject line:

SUBSCRIBE listname yourname

where listname is the name of the email list (nadperos-L,nadpnos-L,nadpclad-L,or nadptdep-L,nadpamsc-L), and yourname is your first and last name. Leave the body of the message blank. A few minutes later, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will include a link that you must click on for your request to be submitted.

To unsubscribe, email with the subject

Unsubscribe listname

where listname is the list you wish to unsubscribe from. Leave the body of the message blank

There is also a web interface where you can manage your NADP list subscriptions. Go to and click on "Subscriber's Corner", and follow the instructions.

If you have any problems, you can email the list owner at (for example,