Celebrating lichens and their uses

Linda Geiser1, Emily Underwood2 and Stephen Sharnoff3

This illustrated poster demonstrates the air-pollution sensitivity of lichens and their value to humans, wildlife, and forests. Because lichens are often unfamiliar to policy and decision-makers tasked to protect or improve air quality, our goal is to ‘put a face’ on lichens and their roles—and to illustrate various species and their association with wildlife and ecological services that we as humans value. We hope to add dimension to the rationale for protecting species that may require cleaner air than that which directly protects human health. At the same time, we hope that our audience will discover in the poster illustration, text, and photographs something new to appreciate of the beauty, complexity, and vulnerability of lichens and their associated wildlife and ecosystems, or be intrigued by their remarkable pharmaceutical properties, environmental monitoring uses, and traditional uses.


1USDA-Forest Service, lgeiser@fs.fed.us
2Underwood Illustration, Carmel, CA, feminina@gmail.com
3University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley, CA, lichen@idiom.com